New Step by Step Map For CTR Manipulation

Video Source: CTR Manipulation

Have you ever wondered if you could automate clickthrough rate manipulation?

Join William in a Local GMB SEO Master Class and Learn about CTR Manipulation all the tricks that the SEO Magicians don't want you to know! Want to learn why CTR manipulation is so powerful click the link to learn more.

CTR (click-through rate) can come in handy... To essentially fake engagement, or trick the algorithm, into believing your video is getting more traffic than it actually is. Which, ironically, can actually bring you more REAL traffic, thus increasing your user engagement signals, authority, and rank.

The best part about video ctr manipulating is that when automated, even beginners and non-seo people can achieve mind-blowing results in the serps.

00:00​​ CTR Manipulation
01:05​​ How does clickthrough rate manipulation work?
04:00​​ Does CTR manipulation work fast?
13:10​​ Automated YouTube CTR Manipulation

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